Friday, September 25, 2009

Amazing Color! (PW bokeh picture #2)

I always thought that green was my favorite color. As a kid it surely was. Green Kool-Aide, Lime Jello, I even had a pair of fluorescent, neon stretch green pants (with bellbottom cuffs too!). {do you remember those Laura?} I think we got those as hand me downs from somewhere, but boy were they my favorites. I used to wear them with a red turtle neck until some of the 'cooler' girls at school started calling me 'Christmas Tree.' Some kids can be so mean! Okay, so I admit, it really was a very poor choice of an outfit, what can I say? I never had a sense of clothing style. I still don't! I wish I did. I loved the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" But I have resigned myself to realize that my talents lie elsewhere.

I never used to like orange, but it is really growing on me. All of the flowers I have seen this summer, really have endeared me to the color.

Red is good. I have always wanted a red kitchen. I have red accents (apple light switch covers, toaster, teapot) but I still have the pineapple, blue and pink wall paper in there, that has been there since we moved in. It just never seems like there is enough money or time to change it.

Yellow, now there is a color. So sunny and bright, but I have talked about this one before. Oh and purple. It reminds me of my Grandma Hastings. She always looked pretty in purple!

Well, purple, yellow and green are what I found in the wild flowers.

While I was sitting on the side of the road shooting the hawk in the power lines, I thought I had better click off a couple of shots of the beautiful wild flower/weeds. I had been admiring them all over town for weeks. This is my favorite shot. On my computer screen (desktop wallpaper) it almost looks 3-D. I fooled around with a couple of shots changing the focal point. If I divide the picture into 5ths, starting at the bottom, I think the focus is on the purple flowers in the 2nd fifth of the shot.

In the next picture, I focused on the white flowers about 3/5th's back (about the center of the picture). I just don't think that is as pleasing as a shot. Maybe if I cropped some of the bottom of the picture. I don't know, is it a depth thing?

Do you favor one over the other and why is that? Just wondering ...


Adrienne in Ohio said...

This is exactly the way our prairie conservation area looks right now-- I love the gold and purple and sprinkles of white all held together with the green of the leaves. Just beautiful!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The second one is my favorite,because the purple flowers set a frame for the background.That's how I see it.Wild flowers are about the prettiest thing,one reason that I don't have to pull weeds.:)

Sue said...

Hi, I found your blog through a comment you left on Adrienne's blog. I love the hawks and these photos. I was having trouble deciding on a favorite, so I asked my daughter, who is a floral arranger. She said she likes the first of the 2, because she likes purple. LOL I may actually like the first of the 3 best, but I also like the same one my daughter does. I think I like what's in front focussed more, with the background colors blending so nicely together.

Sue said...

I just started to scroll back, and really liked the white in the last photo. By the way, I recognize asters and goldenrod, but don't know what the white flowers are.

Valerie said...

Sue, Thanks so much for commenting! You made me do a little research, as I wasn't sure what the flowers were, I just liked the way they looked.

You are right about the Goldenrod, and the purple ones are purple aster. The white ones are Daisy Fleabane also of the aster family. They look just like the purple ones except for the white petals.

Joyce R. said...

Thanks for visiting my website ! I like the second photo because of the trees in the background. Gives a nice perspective on the landscape/area you were in. The hawk photos are wonderful. We have turkey vultures and hawks flying over our small parecel of land in Oregon frequently. They're awesome.

Donna Boucher said...

What a beautiful field. I want to got there!

Donna Marie said...

Stunning!!!!!! Now that's the "Color Purple"! :)

Donna M